Tom Mikulski is the founder and president of Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts, Inc.

With over 23 years and over $ 20 million worth of commercial floor covering sales and service, Tom Mikulski helps clients avoid the pitfalls often encountered when buying commercial flooring and commercial flooring installations. His expertise and experience will guide you through the many types of commercial floor covering options to help you make the correct choice of flooring for your situation.

From the day he graduated from college, Tom Mikulski worked in the flooring industry, gaining experience in almost every aspect of the commercial flooring. “Because I worked in a carpet factory, I understand how carpets are actually tufted. I think that gives me an edge over someone who is just in sales.”

“I’ve worked with every type of manufacturer in the flooring industry from those who focus on high fashion flooring and forward thinking materials to those who cherish the look of yesteryear.” “I’ve been involved in projects from Manhattan skyscrapers to airport terminals, hospitals, and military installations. I have also worked in retail. I know what it’s like to work with the homeowner who is trying to find the perfect shade of beige for their family room.”

“I’ve created Commercial Flooring Concepts as a natural extension of the relationship I’ve always had with companies. The good working relationship I have had in my industry often translates into better pricing than my competitors.”

Business/Flooring Affiliations

Tom Mikulski is active in the business community, networks with local businesses and is an advocate of eco-friendly flooring solutions for businesses.