Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts offer services to ensure customer satisfaction from concept to completion. As commercial flooring contractors we are able to make product recommendations, provide estimates to fit your budgets, manage the business flooring installation project as well as provide emergency business flooring services and scheduled commercial flooring maintenance.

Flooring Planning Services

A solid plan addressing any physical imperfections is how Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts can keep on schedule and under budget. We extend some of our planning services to our customers to aid in their overall project planning and estimating.

  • Flooring Layout
  • Flooring Consultant Assistance
  • Participation in the Process

Commercial Floor Product Selections

The selection of commercial floor products should be based on a review of intended application.

  • Commercial Flooring Product Analysis
  • Analysis of area and testing of water, mold or other potential issues
  • Commercial Product Recommendation & Selection
  • Safety Issues, such as Slip and Fall

Flooring Installation Services

From commercial flooring material selections through to pre-work & flooring installations, Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts is with you every step of the way!

  • Pre-installation Work, Removal of Furniture and Existing Flooring
  • Carpet Reclamation
  • Installation and Management of Installation

Flooring Maintenance Services

Scheduled carpet and floor cleaning will maintain your new product and can bring back to life some older floors. We recommend scheduled cleaning plans based on traffic flow.

  • Commercial Floor Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Annual / Monthly Flooring Maintenance
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Maintenance Assistance and Follow-up

Case Studies

Uses Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts' extensive knowledge and services to provide solutions to various flooring problems.

  • Recommendations for the best product
  • Analysis of area to determine the cause of a flooring problem
  • Floor planning

Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts can work with you, general contractors, designers, architects, and manufacturers to establish competitive pricing for your project, give practical advice, help identify and select the right products, and coordinate and integrate products.


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