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3 Tips on How to Protect Your Commercial Flooring During the Summer Months

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As the summer season draws closer and closer, you may have various plans in the works. Whether it’s fun in the sun with the family or generating new ideas for Q3, it is important as a business owner to assess how your floors are going to be maintained for the summer season. 

Although your floors may be the last thing on your mind in terms of Summer 2017, it’s a necessity that you have a plan in place for your flooring. Why?

During the summer, humidity levels are at their annual high and your flooring can be affected in multiple ways. For example:

  • Most wood flooring expands in high humidity levels, creating a high risk for gaps come winter.
  • When flooring is effected by condensation in high humidity environments, your flooring becomes vulnerable to mold and:
    • Floor Cupping: Floor Cupping is defined as absorbing excessive moisture on the underside, causing expansion and cupping with the edges raised.

    • Floor Buckling: Floor Buckling is defined as lifting off the sub-floor surface and can be found on concrete sub floors and wood sub-floors.

If you want to save yourself serious time and money on replacing your flooring, it is crucial that you adhere to these summer flooring maintenance tips:

Tip 1: Control Indoor Humidity Levels

Regularly measuring the relative humidity levels within your facility is a must during the summer months. Keeping the humidity levels in your office building anywhere between 35% and 55% will keep you in the clear of any expansion or condensation damages. If the humidity index goes beyond 55%, you risk the likelihood of moisture seeping into your floors and causing them to swell and cup.

You can control the humidity levels within your office by:

  • Maintaining air conditioning systems
  • Watching for spills and leaks
  • Installing a dehumidifier

Tip 2: Protect Flooring from Sunlight

Fading tends to occur when flooring is exposed to sun for long periods of time. Rule of thumb – protect your floors from the sun when applicable. Sure, you may not be thinking of your flooring throughout the day, but it is ideal to make it a habit to block your floors from the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

If your current windows are not equipped with the proper coverage, it may be wise to get new drapes or shades installed. If your employees enjoy the sunlight beaming through the office, consider blinds that allow for angling so you can allow some sunlight in, but not an extreme amount that will put your floors at risk for discoloration and deterioration.

Tip 3: Ensure Proper Floor Maintenance

The summer brings about the time when people are most enjoying the great outdoors. Regardless of your business industry, your employees, consumers and other company stakeholders are most likely bringing in dirt, mud, outdoor allergens, and other contaminants back inside the office more often than during any other season. Ensuring that your floors are properly maintained during the summertime will not only protect your floors from stagnant fluids seeping in, but it will also optimally protect your floors from stains and damage, while also keeping the air in your office fresh and allergen free.

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