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Why the Fall Season is the Perfect Time to Install New Commercial Flooring

Why the Fall Season is the Perfect Time to Install New Commercial Flooring

Fall is finally here after a beautiful, yet hot summer and the weather is slowly transitioning from warm and wet air to cold and dry. As we have landed in the 4th quarter of the 2016 year, you might be debating on whether to install new flooring into your commercial building for a variety of purposes. With that being said, the fall season is perhaps the best time to install new commercial flooring for multiple reasons:

Humidity Levels

Installing flooring, especially wood, can be moderately tricky during the winter and summer months. For example, during the winter, wood flooring tends to shrink when the air is too dry and usually, a humidifier is called for. In contrast, during the summer, wood expands and a dehumidifier may be needed. The fall provides that happy-medium level of humidity which allows for the fastest, comprehensive acclimation with the least amount of risks or problems.

Moderate Temperatures

Another reason why the installation of commercial flooring can be rather tricky during the winter and summer months is due to the need for ventilation during the installation process. When your flooring is installed, you will want to have as many windows/doors opened as possible in order to rid your facility of any fumes or odors. This fresh air, however, can be rather uncomfortable and very unappealing in the 30° temperatures of winter or the 90° days of summer.

The Autumn season, once again, provides a comfortable setting for the installation process and minimizes the extent of inconveniences during it. The flooring contractor you hire will be able to come in and out of your facility without you having to worry about heat or air conditioning excessively escaping the building. Your facility will be able to air out immediately, allowing your organization to proceed in daily operations expediently.  

The Fall season is a perfect time to make necessary changes in your facility while the weather is still warm, and due to the aforementioned reasons, redoing your commercial flooring happens to be a perfect change to consider. If you have been recently thinking about replacing your commercial flooring, in order to avoid any extra costs or any unnecessary malfunctions in the installation process, it’s best to install while the leaves are still falling!

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