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Eight Reasons to Upgrade Your Flooring


First impressions are lasting impressions, and the flooring in your business greets your clients with a bold statement. What are your floors saying? Are they well taken care of or could they use some of your attention?

1. Style

Sometimes, the only thing wrong with your flooring is its aesthetics. Maybe your flooring is dated and you need to bring it into a new era of style. Over time, certain colors drop out of style and can make your space look dated.

2. Stains

Stains happen. Some old floors become very difficult to clean and bring back a sparkle. Perhaps there are unsightly stains that you can’t do anything with anymore. If you have more than a couple old stains, it may be time to stop scrubbing and start shopping. Updating your flooring can increase the functionality of your space by making it easier to maintain.

3. Health

Does your carpet smell bad? Your old carpet could be trapping many allergens like mold, mildew and dust. Installing new flooring will remove all these factors and will help with controlling and blocking them from coming back. For those with extra-sensitive noses, we recommend going with less absorbent flooring such as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).

4. Dingy or Dingy

Daily foot traffic will eventually make any carpet look thinner and dirtier. Once the soft fluffiness is gone and the dinginess sets in, you know it’s time for something new.

5. Tearing or Disconnecting from the Subfloor

Flooring curling, loose floorboard or loose tile might seem to be easy to repair but these are often side effects of underlying issues. Not to mention serious tripping hazards. These problems require some serious out-with-the-old, in-with-the new decision-making.

6. Cracks and Chips in Tile

A number of things can cause your tile to crack. If only one or two tiles have mild cracks, you can choose not to replace them, but if a section cracks for no apparent reason, the foundation could be to blame, and it’s a good idea to have it replaced.

7. Functionality and Maintenance

The function of a room influences the required flooring. Consider whether the room will have a high or low traffic flow and how much wear and tear the new flooring will be exposed to. For a high traffic area, make sure you choose a durable option which is easy to maintain. Everyone wants to keep their floors looking like new, therefore analyzing the cost of care and maintenance is essential.

8. Floor Choice

Choose a flooring option that makes sense for you based on your goals, budget and maintenance requirements.

Getting new floors is a great way to improve your commercial office space and enhance your working environment.

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