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Understanding the Basics of Corporate Flooring

understanding the basics of corporate flooringImage is everything in business! Corporate offices are usually showrooms for the entire operation. They play host to meetings of all kinds, they are the stage where deals are made and futures are forged. Corporate offices have a need to be appealing and attractive while being functional. Believe it or not, flooring in the corporate environment speaks volumes about the business. Look around your corporate office. What does the floor say about you? A shabby carpet suggests a shabby business to a potential customer.

Many innovative ideas exist about corporate office design and flooring. A simple online search returns a wide sampling of stunning visuals from international corporate offices. See here. These examples are stunning but not every corporate office warrants an extravagant environment or can handle the hefty price tag associated with such opulence and creativity.

Big corporate players realize the importance of the working environment and how it inspires employee creativity. The trick for small business owners is to build similar environments at a fraction of the cost. For instance, incorporating some aspects of unorthodox design could bring the same wow factors to your business at a lower cost.

Budget, Materials and Pricing

Using a tool such as the Commercial Flooring Material Estimator sponsored by Armstrong will help to take out guesswork and helps to stay on budget. This easy-to-use tool walks the user through simple questions from start to finish. It provides an extensive list of options, features, products, product lines, colors and styles. After the options are chosen, project details and cost estimates are generated. The beauty of using such a tool is “what if” games can be played, with costs being provided for different options.  After using a flooring material estimator, contact Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts for project details and cost estimates.

How to Get It Right

To avoid making costly mistakes when choosing flooring, try to “field test” the top three choices. The test does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Getting a second opinion from several others provides enough of a “speed bump” when making a bad flooring decision. Too often, after flooring is installed, it is too late to find out customers or employees do not like the choice. Replacing poorly selected flooring can be extremely expensive, if not totally cost prohibitive.  If your business is leasing space, the landlord will often provide a refurbishing allowance as part of the lease.  

Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts is experienced in corporate flooring design. To view our corporate flooring gallery, click below!

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