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It is not always easy or popular to go green in my industry. Sometimes products cost more due to recycled content or projects cost a little more to recycle the material rather than putting that debris into a dumpster and subsequently in a landfill. But isn’t that additional cost worth a better world for our children?

As there are a multitude of good reasons to go green, one of the most important reasons revolves around one simple concept: Doing well by doing good.   

From one perspective, most people are driven and advised to go green due to concerns about the future and the impact we have upon the earth and our future generations. Hopefully, more and more people are taking a deeper look at the limited resources that are available and how they are being used by the population.

Going green has now become a trending choice manufacturers are making to improve their bottom lines. One good example of this is environmental stewardship that revolves around samples. Years ago, manufacturers made samples, sent them to clients and they were subsequently thrown out by the consumer. Today manufacturers realize that if they supply return postage for their samples, then the samples can be reused and it avoids making new samples utilizing new raw materials. Subtracting out the cost of freight, the company profits from this transaction and that savings goes right to the company’s bottom line. 

Thankfully the flooring industry is a leader in providing quality products that are better for the environment. They achieve this in a few different ways. One way is to use recycled carpeting and separating the backing of the carpet from the face fiber. The nylon face fiber is then melted down into nylon pellets and is reused to make new carpeting. Carpet tile backing can be ground down and reused to make new backings. The large manufacturers of carpeting Mohawk, Shaw, Interface and Milliken all have impressive corporate environmental stories. Take the time to learn about the commercial carpeting sustainable stories, because their actions should be an example for us all.

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