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Industry Specific Flooring and Your New Year Needs

The new year is finally here and most businesses are looking to optimize their facilities in every way, shape and form to kick off 2017 the right way! Whether it be a change in staffing, operations, branding, design, layout or mission, kicking off the new year the right way requires you to have your ducks in a row – and by having your ducks in a row, I mean take the time to assess what your company needs, what your company doesn’t need, and what your company has.

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Commercial Flooring Trends of 2016-2017

As the 2016 year comes to an end, it’s time to project for the new year. For those who are actively seeking new commercial flooring, you may be wondering what is hot on the market right now. To help you assess what’s in and what’s out before new trends start to take place, the following list provides a review of the unwavering top commercial flooring trends throughout the year of 2016:

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Assessing Your Needs Before Your New Commercial Flooring is Installed

As 2016 begins to wrap up, you may be considering a change in your commercial flooring for the new year. Whether the change is needed to fix an issue or simply to enhance the atmosphere of your facility, it is imperative that you assess your needs before the installation process takes place. What are your Needs? Define your needs by asking yourself the following questions:

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Assessing Your Flooring Budget

If you have recently been toiling around with the idea of replacing your commercial flooring, it is extremely imperative that you budget for the job correctly.  With proper assessment of your flooring replacement and the costs associated, your flooring installation can be a rather time and cost efficient project if estimated correctly. To help you determine how much the job will potentially cost, adhere to the following questions:

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Resilient Flooring vs. Non-Resilient Flooring

When trying to choose which flooring you want installed for your business, making a decision can be both an overwhelming and tedious process. In the world of commercial flooring, there is a vast assortment of options available that are made to accommodate to any given company’s unique set of needs and budget. In making the right decision, one of the most important questions a business owner should ask themselves is: “Do I need resilient flooring or not?”.

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Five Commercial Flooring Trends for 2016

Each New Year ushers in a list of what’s hot and what’s not for all industries… and commercial flooring is no different. So what is hot for 2016 in the commercial flooring world? 

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Hotel Design: Today’s Popular Hospitality Flooring Trends

Consider the road warrior—the weary business traveler. We all know someone like that. These are the people who travel great distances for work and to work, days on end. Road warriors need a place to stay and more hotels are competing for this business. How does the road warrior choose where to stay for the evening? Sometimes small things matter when making this choice; this is where hotels have become competitive. Hotels seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by making by attending to these small details.

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What to Consider When Choosing Healthcare Flooring


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How Does Hospital Flooring Promote Patient Well-Being?

Ask any nurse or healthcare employee if they wear their work shoes into their homes. They will almost always answer with a resounding NO! Hospital floors can contain germs regardless of how much they are cleaned and sanitized. Your shoes are one mode of transmission to spread these germs to other flooring surfaces.

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Best Type of Flooring for Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers

Many of us have childhood recollections of a highly lacquered gymnasium floor brightly reflecting the light cast down from on high. Poised at the entryway with one foot in midair ready to step upon the inviting surface, a voice finds you from out of nowhere, saying, “STOP, no street shoes allowed in the gym!”. Recoiling back from committing this infraction; turning and walking away is the only option. Flooring has come a long way since those days; fitness and exercise has changed over the years, and as a result, flooring has had to adapt and evolve to meet those changing needs.  

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