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Cater to the New Workforce with an Innovative Office Design

The year 2017 brings many elements of change to the world around us that all businesses must absorb and execute. As generation Z, those born between 1994 and 2010, are graduating this year and entering the workforce, the majority of the workforce will be made up of the two generations that grew up with the greatest access to innovation and technology (Gen Z and Millennials).

What does this mean for your business and office? This means that changes must be implemented to cater to these new generations and retain them as employees. As cultures evolve with each generation, so must the culture of companies. From salaries and benefits to work atmosphere and employee relationships, perception is everything to the new generations entering the workforce.

When looking at the corporate environment that your office currently portrays, it is not only important to ask yourself, “Does the current atmosphere provoke what I want my customers to feel?” but also, “Does the current atmosphere provoke what I want my employees to feel?”

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Workplace Design Tip

This is a growing workplace design trend that will continue to flourish throughout 2016:

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INFOGRAPHIC: Psychology of the Office Space

The typical layout and design of the workplace has evolved significantly throughout the last century. Trends emerged as early as the 1920's when offices were designed to have an open floor plan with employee desks facing supervisors, later transitioning to the cubical environment that many Americans still work in on a daily basis. Collaborative workspaces were then introduced during the late '90s and millenium years, offering more flexibility to employees in choosing how they'd like to get their work done. Increased mobility, in turn, increases motivation, which is critical for office productivity.

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Create the Pace by Designing for Productivity

Workplace productivity is an assessment of a worker’s ability to complete tasks or produce finished product. Quantifiable measures are typically used when measuring productivity. A common example of measuring output is how much each employee can produce in a given time period relative to the average of other employees doing similar work.

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Workplace Design: Acoustics Matter

Office layout, walls, ceilings, flooring materials and office protocols can all make a difference in the acoustics.  

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How your Workplace Design Impacts Corporate Culture

In the 1950’s, Jonas Salk, the world famous biologist and inventor of the polio vaccine, traveled to Assisi, Italy to clear his head after working in the dank recesses of his Pittsburgh laboratory. During the trip, he found new insights and inspiration amongst the columns and cloistered courtyards of the monastery. The dramatic change in environment made him strongly believe in the power of architecture and design and how they affect behavior and encourage creativity.

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How to Refresh Your Office Space in 3 Months or Less

Sometimes your workplace is just in need of a change, whether you're looking to refresh ideas, boost productivity or foster employee morale and relationships. There are basic changes that an employer can make that will help restore excitement for coming to work and change overall look and feel of the office. 

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Creating a Legible Workplace

With an ever-growing increase in available technology in the average workplace, employers are seeking innovation to help their team flourish productivity and creativity in a flexible environment. Successful organizations take a modern approach to design and functionality in their workforce, taking the following into consideration:

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Understanding the Basics of Corporate Flooring

Image is everything in business! Corporate offices are usually showrooms for the entire operation. They play host to meetings of all kinds, they are the stage where deals are made and futures are forged. Corporate offices have a need to be appealing and attractive while being functional. Believe it or not, flooring in the corporate environment speaks volumes about the business. Look around your corporate office. What does the floor say about you? A shabby carpet suggests a shabby business to a potential customer.

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Color Theory: Choosing Colors in the Workplace Part 2

What if going to work seemed effortless and comforting, but you could never exactly figure out why. All you know is how you feel great when you enter certain rooms at work. For instance, the break room looks ordinary: a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a few tables. Somehow you find it peaceful and calming. Going from department to department, your mood is elevated while taking an otherwise mundane walk. In both cases there is a certain something that just makes you feel different. What could that unknown be? COLOR!

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