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As the summer season draws closer and closer, you may have various plans in the works. Whether it’s fun in the sun with the family or generating new ideas for Q3, it is important as a business owner to assess how your floors are going to be maintained for the summer season. 

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What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Flooring

When designing or renovating business space, your first thought should be what’s underfoot. How you cover your floors can be the difference between a successful work space or an expensive mistake.

Unfortunately, price is often the controlling consideration in choosing flooring material; a decision which bypasses all the opportunities that good flooring can contribute to your business.

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hurricane sandy creates uncommon work challenges

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testing floor moisture emmissions

The testing of moisture emissions is recommended for an owner, general contractor and flooring contractor to determine the level of moisture or the relative humidity in the concrete. Three commonly used tests are the PH test, Calcium chloride test and the Wagner RH test.

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Moisture, Concrete & Commercial Flooring

Most of the products that are used in commercial flooring are glued directly to the substrate whether that substrate is wood, concrete or on top of another flooring product.

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moisture & commercial flooring

One of the most significant issues facing a commercial flooring contractor is moisture emission issues. This blog will review what moisture emission levels are and how they affect commercial floor covering.

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