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Best Commercial Flooring Options for High Traffic Facilities

Another wonderful year has come and gone, and your organization is ready to hit the ground running to kick off 2017. Take a moment to reflect on your biggest successes of 2016. Has your traffic increased? Perhaps, your organization has significantly scaled in 2016 or anticipated business for 2017 is looking bigger and better by the day. Regardless, it’s important that your commercial flooring meets your facility’s current or expected level of traffic. 

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Rubber Flooring: The Benefits for Gyms and Fitness Centers

The alarm clock rings, it is five o’clock in the morning. Why else would anyone else wake up this early except to go to the gym? Tremendous discipline and determination are required to keep this ongoing date with such a merciless task master. As you trudge into the gym, you toss an inaudible growl towards the front desk hoping it sounds like the words, “good morning”. Walking across the gym floor you notice something different this morning. The floor feels strangely squishy and a little bouncy. This new floor puts a spring in your step that was not there before.

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Choosing Functional Gym Floors for Your Facility

Everyone has fond memories of squeaking sneakers on a gym floor during a basketball game. Hardwood floors have been used in gymnasiums and fitness centers for more than a century and there is no indication that these types of floors are going away anytime soon. There are many considerations that go into choosing a hardwood gym floor.

Key Considerations for Your Flooring

Foot traffic and weight bearing are two main considerations when picking a surface. Another key consideration is the climate and natural environment. Consistent moisture levels are critical to harwood flooring. Making sure the relative humidity in your building is from between 35 and 55 RH is critical. Moisture is the enemy of the hardwood floors. Maple will expand or contract depending on the level of moisture in the air. Gaps need to be planned during installation to allow for this movement. These gaps are achieved by using Vented Cove Base around the perimeter in the room. When replacing a gym floor, it’s important to have a good understanding of where any potential moisture issues are and how they originated.

Choosing Finish for Your Gymnasium or Fitness Center

Gym owners want to make environmentally sound choices if they are available. Sustainably harvested wood can be purchased. Recycled materials can also be used. The days are long gone when recycled floor material produced subpar results. In fact, professional basketball teams have been playing on recycled floors for over a decade.

Grading of the wood was formerly a concern because of irregularities that may occur at the lower end of the grading scale.

  • First-grade maple makes a beautiful monochromatic appearance but is the most expensive.
  • Second grade of maple is less expensive and is the choice of more than 70% of all gyms.
  • Third grade of maple presents a rustic appearance, and is the choice of some gym owners.

If the primary use of the gymnasium facility can be predetermined, game lines can be put on the floor. A protective finish can then be applied over the lines. Taping the lines after the installation of the floor is not recommended. The tape, and temporary decals, can pose a safety issue to the game participants because they can become slippery or removing the tape can result in damage to the finish and leaves a glue residue.

Maintaining Your Floors

Hardwood floors need to be maintained. A daily dust-mopping and regular cleaning with a solution recommended by the finish manufacturer is required. Depending on its usage, The floor should be recoated once a year, and sanded, resealed, repainted and refinished every 10 to 15 years. Floors that are not properly maintained generally become darker and game lines are not as bright.

Commercial Flooring and Interior Concepts specializes in flooring solutions for gymnasiums and fitness centersTake the guess work out of what flooring surface will meet your commercial needs while choosing the most cost-effective option within your budget. To read more about the best flooring for high traffic areas, click here.

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Top Hospitality Flooring Options for Hotels

Checking into a hotel is like checking into a home away from home when traveling for either business or pleasure. You expect more comforts as the nightly rate increases. Above all, travelers look for cleanliness. They want to rest assured the bed, bathroom and floors are clean and free of unwanted pests. A visually pleasing décor creates a sense of calm or excitement depending on what type of emotion is desired. Comfort is important, because lasting memories are created and opinions are formed based on how a guest feels.

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Be Our Guest: Flooring in the Hospitality Setting

Hospitality settings present a unique set of requirements and opportunities. These facilities demand high performance features and appealing designs to create the perfect balance of atmosphere and commercial durability. In the past, that meant less than appealing commercial flooring options, but thanks to breakthroughs in manufacturing and maintenance technology, hospitality flooring can be an exciting and cost-effective design element.

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What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Flooring

When designing or renovating business space, your first thought should be what’s underfoot. How you cover your floors can be the difference between a successful work space or an expensive mistake.

Unfortunately, price is often the controlling consideration in choosing flooring material; a decision which bypasses all the opportunities that good flooring can contribute to your business.

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