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Commercial Flooring Green Solutions for the New Year

Another year has come and gone, and your organization is readily preparing for the new year. Many organizations are deciding on what their new year’s resolution will be, whether it’s increasing marketing efforts or hiring new staff to execute new plans and projects. A common new year’s resolution, and perhaps one of the most important differences businesses can make starting a new year, is the goal of going green. Going green should be a top priority for all businesses for several reasons:

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Take These 5 Steps to Enhance Energy Management

Managing facility energy expenses is becoming more and more complex as so many different technologies are available to us and thousands of different rate structures are available as well. There are a few steps that facility managers can take to better manage their energy expenses and ensure company success. Read about them here

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4 Ways that Smart Buildings Save Energy

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), commercial buildings could save up to $60 billion if energy efficiency investments were increased by just 1-4%. Smart efficiency practices applied to only 35% of eligible commercial floor area in buildings with 50,000+ square ft. could save upwards of 50 TWh by 2030, assuming a conservative savings estimate of 20%; saving 22% of its total projected electricity use in 2030.

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Incorporating Modern Hotel Flooring Concepts: Biophilic Design

Suspend your disbelief for a moment. Imagine that hotel flooring is capable of amazing things. Beyond the mundane tasks of being walked upon and supporting people as they stand, flooring is capable of so much more. Modern flooring concepts can transport guests to far off places. It can be opulent and extravagant, making guests feel well-off beyond their wildest dreams. Flooring can impart a sense of calm or calamity.

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Sustainable Flooring Solutions: How Green Flooring Benefits the Healthcare Industry

Sustainability means living within the means of the natural systems, without causing harm to others or jeopardizing future needs. It has also come to mean reducing environmental impact and cultivating renewable resources. The earth can no longer provide the abundance of non-renewable resources to meet the ever-growing needs of mankind.       

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green buildings summit

Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts at the 3rd Annual Green Building Summit 2011,  Thursday June 2nd at the Trenton Marriott in Lafayett Yard Trenton, NJ.

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tom mikulski speaking to afe on sustainable flooring solutions

AFE (Association of Facilities Enginers)

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cfcflooring at “green building at the jersey shore”

Tom Mikulski of Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts was interviewed by on October 28, 2008 at the “Green Building at the Jersey Shore” conference and technology fair. The theme of the conference was “Advocates: It’s actually not so bad ‘going green’”. The conference topics included; building environmentally friendly businesses, towns and schools.

From the

“Tom Mikulski, owner of Commercial Flooring Concepts in Eatontown, was a vendor at the technology fair, and was explaining to customers how his company recycles carpets and focuses on products that are PVC-free and and formaldehyde-free.

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stop global warming with the cool carpet (tm) option

The Cool Carpet ™ option is one step you can make to stop global warming with your commercial carpet. Create a “greener” building with “green” product choices.

  • Chill global warming by offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • All the carbon offset credits for Bentley Prince Street’s Cool Carpet products are validated by theClimate Neutral Network.
  • The Cool Carpet ™ option will neutralize the impact of CO2 emissions over the lifecycle of your carpet
  • Bentley Prince Street has a mission to achieve a zero environmental footprint by the year 2020. Sustainability is a priority in the use of raw materials, recycled materials and renewable materials. Bentley Prince Street provides customers with recognition of their environmental stewardship.
  • The Cool Carpet ™ option is available on all Bentley Prince Street products for an additional charge of 20 cents per square yard on broadloom or modular product purchases.
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the natural step

The Natural Step is a non-profit advisory and research organization focused on accelerating global sustainability. Is an international organization ( that can guide a company towards an ecologically, socially, economically sustainable path. The sustainability experts, scientists, and businesses create solutions that will lead towards a sustainable future.

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