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Four Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Flooring Contractor

If you are looking to replace your current commercial flooring, you most likely have already started planning accordingly ― but are you planning correctly? Flooring installations can be extremely time consuming and costly when planned and executed poorly. As a successful organization, you want the job done properly in the most time-efficient, cost-effective, manner possible. Among others, the top four benefits of hiring a commercial flooring contractor include:

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Cleaning Needs for Facilities Managers in the 21st Century

It used to be that when a management company purchased a new commercial office building, one of the first priorities to tackle was to entail a plan for building cleaning and maintenance. While it may sound easy, it's a task for even the most experienced facility manager. It's even more difficult now, as buildings continue to undergo changes in the way they are utilized, designed, maintained and operated. It's no secret that workers are thinking differently about the workplace; that shift is causing a design and building use revolution.

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Facility Managers: Now is the Time to Start Planning for Winter Maintenance

The turn of the spring season means that we can finally thaw out from the winter and enjoy the outdoors, but it also means that facility managers must start planning for the next winter to hit. A new timeline released by the Snow & Ice Management Association suggests that facility managers should start their winter maintenance planning now to ensure securing a contract with a reliable snow management professional. Check out their new timeline here

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Facility Managers: Here are Top 8 Elements of a Maintainable Roof

On average, the non-residential building industry can spend about $20 billion on roofing projects per year. In addition, roofing companies estimate that reactive roofing maintenance costs about 25 cents per- square-foot annually, while proactive maintenance lowers that cost to 14 cents per square foot.

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Keeping Your Facility Dry: Preventing Water Damage

Did you know that in the U.S., water damage is the second most frequent reason for an insurance claim, adding up to about $11 billion total in insurance claims each year? Facility managers understand that when it comes to water damage, it's best to fix potential problems before they even happen; that prevention is key for a dry building.

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How Workplace Temperature Affects Productivity

Climate conflicts in the workplace can cause tension between co-workers, but also have a negative effect on an individual's productivity. A 2006 study concludes that temperature should be set between 69.8 degrees and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal productivity in the workplace. Another study found that workers who were particularly cold in the workplace struggled on the job, making more mistakes, in turn, leading to a potential 10 percent spike in hourly labor costs.

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What Facility Managers Need to Know About Flu Prevention

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that those who have the influenza (flu) virus can spread it from up to six feet away. Between December 26th, 2015 and January 5th, 2016, they reported that influenza activity increased slightly around the country.

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Take These 5 Steps to Enhance Energy Management

Managing facility energy expenses is becoming more and more complex as so many different technologies are available to us and thousands of different rate structures are available as well. There are a few steps that facility managers can take to better manage their energy expenses and ensure company success. Read about them here

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4 Ways that Smart Buildings Save Energy

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), commercial buildings could save up to $60 billion if energy efficiency investments were increased by just 1-4%. Smart efficiency practices applied to only 35% of eligible commercial floor area in buildings with 50,000+ square ft. could save upwards of 50 TWh by 2030, assuming a conservative savings estimate of 20%; saving 22% of its total projected electricity use in 2030.

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How to Refresh Your Office Space in 3 Months or Less

Sometimes your workplace is just in need of a change, whether you're looking to refresh ideas, boost productivity or foster employee morale and relationships. There are basic changes that an employer can make that will help restore excitement for coming to work and change overall look and feel of the office. 

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