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Joint Project Provides Flooring Solutions for NJ Hospital

Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts (CFIC) partnered with Torcon Construction to transform the second-floor inpatient unit of Hackensack Meridian Health Riverview Medical Center.

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Cater to the New Workforce with an Innovative Office Design

The year 2017 brings many elements of change to the world around us that all businesses must absorb and execute. As generation Z, those born between 1994 and 2010, are graduating this year and entering the workforce, the majority of the workforce will be made up of the two generations that grew up with the greatest access to innovation and technology (Gen Z and Millennials).

What does this mean for your business and office? This means that changes must be implemented to cater to these new generations and retain them as employees. As cultures evolve with each generation, so must the culture of companies. From salaries and benefits to work atmosphere and employee relationships, perception is everything to the new generations entering the workforce.

When looking at the corporate environment that your office currently portrays, it is not only important to ask yourself, “Does the current atmosphere provoke what I want my customers to feel?” but also, “Does the current atmosphere provoke what I want my employees to feel?”

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The Psychology of Colors and Your Commercial Flooring

Thinking about redoing your flooring? What did you have in mind? While you may be focusing on the more important aspects associated with making a flooring decision, such as texture, resilience, sustainability, etc., have you ever considered the importance of your color choice?

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Customize Your Workspace with this New Desking Option

Your employees have different preferences when it comes to their working habits, and it has never been more important to allow them to embrace their different personalities in the workspace to allow for maximized productivity. This unique office structural system allows integration of desks, tables, cabinets and shelves, allowing employees to feel empowered in the workplace by independently managing their preferences for visual privacy, movement, orientation and storage.

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Workplace Design Tip

Changing the color of your walls in your work space can work wonders with fostering productivity and creativity. What color scheme are you surrounded in at work and if you could change it, what could you change it to? 

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10 Great Workplace Design Projects of 2015

The way that we work is changing. An increasing amount of us are able to work on-the-go; we can access important files via the "cloud", can respond to work e-mails from our phone and even get face-time with prospective clients or employees through video chat. As the way we work evolves, our workspace should evolve, too, to accommodate our ever-growing need of flexibility on the job.

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Three “Timeless” Flooring Designs

When it comes to TV shows and movies, there is a difference between “trends” and “timeless classics.” Vampire movies were a trend (thankfully), while The Godfather and Airplane! are classics. Well…flooring is no different!

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