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Carpet Tile Design Tips to Maximize your Commercial Floor

When it comes to commercial flooring, gone are the days of slate gray colored carpet tiles neatly arranged without any deviation or imagination! Now you can find countless Internet images of innovative uses for carpet tile in the commercial setting. The pictures are all exciting, interesting and visually appealing. Some are even stunning. Carpet tile design trends are now wild with color, texture and patterns.

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Common Carpeting Problems in Commercial Flooring

Commercial carpet needs to be durable, functional and attractive. It should provide comfort, warmth, and noise reduction as well as create an appealing environment for your business. That is a lot to ask from one carpet! So what happens when problems arise and carpet failure occurs? 

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Carpet Installation: Preparation and Implementation Tips

Commercial carpet installation requires planning, attention to detail, and meticulous workmanship. The benefit of such painstaking perfection extends the life of the carpet, promotes a safe environment, and creates an attractive and functional workspace. Being properly prepared and knowing what to expect makes the process seem effortless.    

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Carpet Maintenance: How to Clean Carpet Tile

Commercial carpet tile has many benefits. It’s durable, economical, high quality, and always ready to accommodate heavy traffic. Carpet tiles cover the floors of many airports, hospitals, office buildings, and restaurants, and it has quickly become a valued favorite in the commercial market over the past several years.

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Spring Cleaning for Commercial Flooring


Spring is upon us and that can only mean one thing other than baseball: spring cleaning. Commercial floors are punished all winter long by salt, harsh ice melting chemicals, and dirt. Floors look tired and worn by the time spring arrives and could benefit from a spring cleaning. This cleaning goes beyond the normal everyday vacuuming and mopping to provide a deep clean to make floors look like new.  

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Understanding the Basics of Corporate Flooring

Image is everything in business! Corporate offices are usually showrooms for the entire operation. They play host to meetings of all kinds, they are the stage where deals are made and futures are forged. Corporate offices have a need to be appealing and attractive while being functional. Believe it or not, flooring in the corporate environment speaks volumes about the business. Look around your corporate office. What does the floor say about you? A shabby carpet suggests a shabby business to a potential customer.

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Choosing Color Themes for Hotel Interior Design

Color therapy or “chromotherapy” is one of the newest forms of alternative medicine. Supporters make some very bold statements about the effect of color on the human body, such as the notion that the color purple may help your sleep and even cure addictive behaviors. There is no doubt that color has an effect on us as it affects our mood and emotions. Colors impact our perception of well-being or uneasiness. They can make a room seem bigger when painted with light colors and diminish room size with darker hues. Colors carry symbolic meanings that we recognize subconsciously. In short, commercial properties need to take into account the importance of color on its customers and staff.

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Six Signs Your Office Carpet Needs to be Replaced

There is nothing quite like getting a new carpet installed; seeing those beautiful vibrant colors stretching across the entire floor without any imperfections. Fresh carpeting is pristine and unmarred, but unfortunately it can only stay that way for so long. No matter how much effort a person can put into maintaining their carpeting, the inevitable will happen: the carpet will need to be replaced.Hopefully this won’t be necessary for several for several years after installation, but it’s important to be prepared before beginning the eventual replacement process.

Replacing interior flooring can be a very costly venture, as there are many factors that come into play when making this decision. Physical appearance plays a large role in making this choice, but long-term financial implications play a large role in this decision-making process as well. The way to best determine the lifetime cost of commercial carpeting is to take into account removal of the old floor covering, the initial cost of the purchase and installation, care and maintenance costs throughout the life of the carpet, divided by the number of years of use. Looking at the initial purchase price is not a fair indicator of the true price of carpeting; costs over the life time of the carpet are a better indicator of this figure.

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Color by the Numbers: How Color Influences Mood in the Workplace

Is there a way to affect staff productivity, lift your mood or calm clients simultaneously? The simple answer is color. It’s long been known that people are affected by color. Color is culturally symbolic, but more importantly, color can help us focus, maintain energy or reinforce a tranquil mood. Color psychology is used in designing everything from hotel rooms to cereal packages. Colors affect emotions, concentration, even our well-being—and there is even evidence to show that in a school environment, color influences learning.

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Be Our Guest: Flooring in the Hospitality Setting

Hospitality settings present a unique set of requirements and opportunities. These facilities demand high performance features and appealing designs to create the perfect balance of atmosphere and commercial durability. In the past, that meant less than appealing commercial flooring options, but thanks to breakthroughs in manufacturing and maintenance technology, hospitality flooring can be an exciting and cost-effective design element.

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