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Top Hospitality Flooring Options for Hotels

Top Hospitality Flooring Options for Hotels

Checking into a hotel is like checking into a home away from home when traveling for either business or pleasure. You expect more comforts as the nightly rate increases. Above all, travelers look for cleanliness. They want to rest assured the bed, bathroom and floors are clean and free of unwanted pests. A visually pleasing décor creates a sense of calm or excitement depending on what type of emotion is desired. Comfort is important, because lasting memories are created and opinions are formed based on how a guest feels.

Flooring plays a huge role in providing guests with a pleasant décor, comfortable feel and pleasant memories. Hotel floors are often regarded as utilitarian and never given much if any consideration by the guests. In reality, they present an opportunity for the hotel to enhance its image. There are many options available for hospitality hotel flooring, but making the right choice will depend on the use of each particular space. Measuring the foot traffic and anticipated wear and tear are vital considerations in making that choice. Innovations are constantly occurring, creating improvements in all aspects of flooring manufacturing and design. Some of the most common available options for hotel flooring are:


The days of the obnoxious loud epic patterned carpets whose only aim in life was to hide stains seem to be numbered. They dizzying array of geometric shapes and randomly planned squiggles are giving way to a more tailored with clean lines and styles. In a sense, flooring and carpeting in the hospitality setting has grown up from potentially gaudy to graceful.

Update your hotel or hospitality setting by contacting the flooring professionals at Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts, Inc. located at 615 Hope Road, Building #2, Eatontown, NJ 07724 Phone: 732-542-0022 • Fax: 732-460-0383 • Cell: 732-233-3707. Take the guess work out of what flooring surface will meet your commercial needs while being the most cost effective choice and staying within your budget. Our experienced staff will ask all the right questions to arrive at all the right answers.





Life Span


Carpet Least expensive Short lifespan  Carpet offers a luxurious feel that offers warmth and insulation. However, carpet is easily stained and wears somewhat quickly leading to frequent replacement. 
Vinyl Relatively expensive Durable Vinyl is pratical and aesthetically pleasing. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl comes in a variety of designs and colors mimicking more expensive surfaces. 
Concrete More expensive Highly durable Concrete is good when trying to achieve an industrial look. It also offers versatility because it can be stamped or textured as well as tinted. 
Rubber  Relatively expensive Long lifespan

Rubber is easy to clean and naturally hygienic and waterproof. It is extremely durable in high traffic areas. Rubber does not have a luxurious look and is often used when trying to achieve a minimalist look. 


Ceramic, Porcelain and stone flooring

Most expensive Longest lifespan Ceramic is highly durable. It is very attractive and easy to clean. It is versatile and highly adaptable. Cost is a factor when considering this option.
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