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Top 15 Re-Uses of Carpet Tile in Your Garage, Car & Tools

  1. Tool Box Liner – use a piece of carpet tile to line your tool box. It keeps the noise down when the tools are in the tool box.
  2. Adhesive Spreader – cut a carpet tile with serrated edges to use as an adhesive trowel.
  3. Backer Rod – cut carpet tile into strips to form a base before applying backer rod to fill large gaps in masonry.
  4. Ladder Protector – when you drop down your attic stairs – use a carpet tile to prevent marking up the floor.
  5. Spackle Tray – didn’t bring a spackle tray to work. Don’t worry, use a carpet tile instead.
  6. Work bench – use carpet tile as a work surface when you are not at your work bench.
  7. Rag – use a small piece of carpet tile and soak with paint thinner to remove paint from fabrics. Make sure you check colorfastness first!
  8. Truck Bed Liner – how about putting some carpet tiles in your pick up truck bed to prevent scratching.
  9. Cup Holder - cut out a small circle and line your cup holder in your car. This will catch the condensation.
  10. Seat Protector – use a carpet tile underneath a baby seat to prevent the indentations.
  11. Ladder Support – If you are using a ladder on rocks, you can use carpet tiles to stabilize the base of the ladder.
  12. Car Matt – the number one usage for carpet tile. Save your factory matting and use a carpet tile instead.
  13. Garage floor protector – use a carpet tile to catch dripping oil from a car in your garage.
  14. Litter Box Entrance Matt – A customer told me he uses the carpet tiles for the area just outside his cat’s litter box. If the cat has an accident or if the litter box overflows, it goes onto the carpet tile.
  15. Padding for a Handle -I had to roll one of those retractable canopys the other day a long distance. I cut a carpet tile into a small square and duct taped it around the vinyl handle on the canopy bag. Now the handle doesn’t dig into my hand.

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