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Three “Timeless” Flooring Designs

Three “Timeless” Flooring Designs

When it comes to TV shows and movies, there is a difference between “trends” and “timeless classics.” Vampire movies were a trend (thankfully), while The Godfather and Airplane! are classics. Well…flooring is no different!

There are certain designs that outlast trends and statements; they are adaptable and are created to easily meet future needs. Classic floor styles make it easy to modernize any room with accessories and décor accents. Timeless flooring designs are the canvas to create infinite variety while keeping the basics in place and costs to a minimum. These floors accommodate changes around them without losing their strength and identity.

Timeless designs are concerned with functionality – not with frivolity. They are not overly decorated or drowning in graphics and are not meant to be “works of art.” They are, however, meant to be visually pleasing with an aesthetic elegance. Timeless and classic floors should be physically durable because they are meant to foster the needs of living and/or working.

Three Timeless Flooring Designs

  • Hardwood floors are always timeless depending on the color and design. Choosing a color that is “new” this season may scream “2016” ten years from now. Sticking to a traditional color palette will lend to the floors staying power.  
  • Vinyl takes on chameleon-like qualities because it is able to look like stone or hardwood. The same rules apply: do not pick over complicated design patterns. Select design foundations that will easily accommodate changes. New looks are possible without great effort or expense.      
  • On one-hand, pattern carpets help hide stains and dirt, especially in commercial environments. On the other, graphics incorporated into the design may ultimately become dated. Example: think about the teal and raspberry colored palette popular in the 1990’s. So when it comes to carpets, we need balance practicality with design. With modular carpeting, the ability to change the style is easier in comparison to broadloom carpets.

The foundation for ever-changing style starts with classic sleek flooring designs. Consider a timeless floor an investment that will have staying power regardless of the trends that are all the rage right now.

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