Completely Floored!

the top 10 re-uses of carpet tile in the home

Carpet Tiles are one of the most useful products ever invented. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and yes even shapes. They come with and without cushion attached. Here are some of the many uses I have found for carpet tile.

  1. Drink Coasters – cut carpet tile into circles and use as a drink coaster.
  2. Plant Saucers – Put tile upside down on floor. The carpet tile will prevent overflow water from staining your floor.
  3. Basement Carpet –This is the residential owner’s smart choice for a basement. If the carpet tiles should get wet, you can take them outside and dry them in the sun.
  4. Storm Shield – How about this idea? Put carpet tile over windows in an emergency to help prevent debris from flying and hitting glass.
  5. Dogs Dish – Use a carpet tile underneath a dogs/cats dish to catch the spills.
  6. Bath Mat – use for when you get out of the shower.
  7. Dogs/Cats Crate – Use a tile to line the bottom of your favorite animals crate.
  8. Shelf Liner – use carpet tiles as a liner for wire shelves.
  9. Floor protectors – use as a floor protector underneath furniture.
  10. Christmas tree Stand protector – put a carpet tile underneath your Christmas tree stand to prevent the water from damaging your floor. Thanks to MVO for that suggestion!
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