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The Indirect Costs of DIY Commercial Flooring


When an offer is too good to be true it usually is. This is especially true when it comes to do-it-yourself office renovations. In the interest of saving time and money, purchasing decisions are made without considering hidden costs of buying the flooring. Incidental costs always arise increasing the overall cost of the “special deal”.

Ordering commercial flooring online looks like a bargain but the price typically only includes the cost of the material and nothing else. The indirect costs associated with self-installation can make this option more expensive than hiring a professional commercial flooring provider. Hiring professionals ensures the job will be done to the right specifications, on budget and on time.

Countless horror stories exist from unsuspecting business owners ordering rolls of rubber flooring or vinyl composite tiles only to find the products to be nearly immovable once they are on premise. These materials are extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. Many consumers never realize professional commercial flooring providers coordinate pallet jacks and forklifts to move the heavy bulky materials.

Too much can go wrong when good intentions coincide with inexperience. Consider what is at risk when attempting to “do-it-yourself”.

  • Increased risk of injury
  • Structural damage
  • Building code violations
  • Costly errors
  • Product waste
  • Unknowingly creating future problems

 When considering ordering discount flooring for commercial application, think twice about what is involved. Hidden costs and headaches lurk behind every corner.  Our professionals at Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts are equipped with the knowledge and tools for best installing or replacing your office floors. To learn more about our specialties, click below.

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