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The Best Fiber For Commercial Carpet

There are several choices for carpet fibers available today for commercial carpeting. Continue reading to examine the pluses and minuses of each type of fiber and why you would chose one fiber over another.

First- Types of fibers:

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Polypropeline ( Olefin)
  • Polyester

Second – Relative Cost of each
If I had a dollar to spend on a quantity of fiber and it came rolled up in a ball, I would be able to buy just a golf ball size of wool. I would be able to buy a baseball size ball of yarn of nylon. I would be able to buy a basketball size spool of yarn of polyester. Finally, I would be able to buy a beach ball size spool of olefin yarn. So what does that say about carpeting purchases: The number one cost in making a piece of carpet is the fiber of which its made. So if we are looking strictly at cost factors, olefin is the choice you would make.

Descriptions of the characteristics of wool, nylon, polyester & olefin commercial carpeting fibers to follow.

The future will probably see yarns made from corn fibers and other naturally renewable sources.

So which fiber would you consider… the choice is yours. But keep in mind the pros and cons.

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