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Spring Cleaning for Commercial Flooring


Spring is upon us and that can only mean one thing other than baseball: spring cleaning. Commercial floors are punished all winter long by salt, harsh ice melting chemicals, and dirt. Floors look tired and worn by the time spring arrives and could benefit from a spring cleaning. This cleaning goes beyond the normal everyday vacuuming and mopping to provide a deep clean to make floors look like new.  

Benefits of Spring Cleaning 

Deep cleaning every spring maintains the life of the floor, translating into real savings by avoiding the need for earlier replacements. Deep cleaning also removes tough stains that could require repairs if left unattended. Annual cleaning removes unpleasant odors and improves the overall appearance of the operation, and thorough cleaning also provides time to make a full inspection of all surface areas. Potential problems can be identified before they become larger, more costly issues.   

Vinyl Flooring

Several options are available for vinyl flooring:   

  • Strip and wax: The floor is stripped to the vinyl and recoated with four to six coats of wax. This process can be done every four to six months depending on manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Scrub and recoat: This is more cost effective than stripping and waxing. It drastically improves the look of the floor and requires less physical effort. The first few layers of wax are removed with two coats reapplied. This can be done every four to six months as well.
  • Mop, restore and burnish: The floor is mopped clean and then restored to fill-in the holes in the wax. The floor is then burnished to melt the wax to give the floor a new shine.


Carpets are great hiding places for dirt and germs. Remove heavier dirt particles by using a vacuum with strong suction for daily cleaning. This makes spring-cleaning a little easier. Clean the entire floor by moving all office furniture and equipment. Never clean “around” objects; this causes eventual discoloration of the carpet and leads to premature replacement. Shampooing and steam cleaning are the two common options when cleaning carpets.

Pay attention to all flooring surfaces, not just the ones your customers see. All flooring surfaces should be cleaned including warehouses and production line floors. Remember – different flooring surfaces require different floor cleaners. Make sure maintenance and environmental service employees are trained and knowledgeable when performing these annual cleaning projects. Material Safety Data Sheets should be available for all cleaning products.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services 

The best way to maintain your flooring after the installation is to have a scheduled maintenance or cleaning program. We evaluate the high traffic area and set up an appropriate schedule to clean your floors based on the need. Clean and well-maintained floors can minimize slip and fall safety hazards. 

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