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sheet vinyl flooring - sv

Sheet vinyl flooring is commonly known as “SV”.  This type of commercial vinyl flooring product received it’s name because it is available in “sheets”, ie. it is available in rolls of material. Most often this product is available in either 6 foot wide rolls or 2 meter wide rolls.

Common applications for sheet vinyl flooring are operating rooms in hospitals, patient rooms, soiled utility rooms, and bathrooms.

Decorative Uses of Sheet Vinyl - SV products can be made in layers like a sandwich or monolithically. The products made in layers usually have a urethane wear layer, printed film layer, fiberglass for stability and secondary backing. The film layer can be just about any visual. Popular today are faux wood grains, ceramic pictures or natural products like stones, grass or leaves.

Seem-less Applications of SV – Seem-less floors are very desirable in laboratory settings or in hospital operating rooms. Sheet vinyl flooring can be both heat welded and flash coved. Heat welding is a process where the seems of the sheet vinyl can be routed out and filled in with a bead of vinyl material that is melted into the routed out seem.

Flash coving is also called integral base. The vinyl floor is continued up the wall and capped with a vinyl molding or cove cap.

Manufacturers of sheet vinyl include but are not limited to Armstrong, Johnsonite, Mannington, Toli and Tarkett. 

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