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The Importance of Scheduled Maintenance Programs to Improve Business Image

Image is everything in business, and the ambiance of your workplace showcases your company’s brand. The wear and tear effect can create an uninviting “run-down” look that companies should avoid.

We can help improve your image, and I want to share why a scheduled maintenance plan is critical to taking your commercial flooring to the next step.

Reasons for scheduled maintenance:

  • Exhibits a healthier working environment. 
  • Leaves a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Saves significant money in the long run.
  • Regular carpet cleaning requires less work to upkeep.
  • Minimize scratches, gouges, and surface damage for resilient floorings (VCT, LVT, wood, ceramic tile).
  • Avoids various unnecessary repairs or replacements of all types of flooring.

We don’t want your flooring to look like this. Can you see the walking path dirt coming out of the office?


This office building has beautiful carpet squares throughout the hallways, but the lack of maintenance has damaged the carpet fibers. The owner upgraded their facility to include new LED lighting and new carpeting, but what could have been a selling point for the building to attract new tenants has become a negative appearance. Now cleaning the dirt will require significant effort and become more costly for the owner. 

We want to help avoid this damage, keeping your space fresh and inviting for staff and customers year-round. Let us show how we can maintain your facility with our color-coded floor plan. We highlight the areas that need frequent attention, like entryways and main corridors, and then others that require less like conference rooms and private offices.

Contact us today to create a traffic grid and schedule for your commercial floor cleaning needs; we build impressions from the ground up.

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