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Rubber Flooring: The Benefits for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Basketball_CourtThe alarm clock rings, it is five o’clock in the morning. Why else would anyone else wake up this early except to go to the gym? Tremendous discipline and determination are required to keep this ongoing date with such a merciless task master. As you trudge into the gym, you toss an inaudible growl towards the front desk hoping it sounds like the words, “good morning”. Walking across the gym floor you notice something different this morning. The floor feels strangely squishy and a little bouncy. This new floor puts a spring in your step that was not there before.

Why are rubber floors becoming more common in gyms and fitness centers around the world? Here are a few reasons:

Enforcing Safety with Injury Prevention

Rubber flooring is becoming more popular as gym and fitness center owners realize its many benefits. One of the main benefits of rubber flooring is injury prevention. It is easy on the joints because it offers a level of cushioning and shock absorption that regular tile floors just do not offer. It also offers cushioning to the equipment. Weights are often dropped and rubberized flooring protects the floor from damage and the equipment from breaking.

Rubberized flooring is non-slip and reduces the number slip and fall accidents. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, it needs little attention when properly installed.

Some sports and physical activities required rubber flooring to provide a level of protection and safety. Gymnastics is one example. It is unimaginable to think of gymnasts tumbling and flipping through the air without protective rubber underneath to cushion their landing. Yoga is another physical activity that calls for the use of rubber matting. Rubber in this case offers stability and gripping power to maintain complicated poses.

Versatility and Durability

Rubber flooring is also highly versatile. This surface is able to mold to any configuration and also comes in a stunning array of colors and styles. It is very easy to include the gym’s colors or team’s logo as well. It also comes in a variety of options such as rubber tiles or rolled flooring. Gym and fitness center owners are only confined by their imaginations and budgets.

This flooring surface is also very durable. Thick rubber matting and flooring offers longer life and is able to withstand the foot-traffic and the weight of machinery and equipment.

Noise Reduction

Rubberized flooring surface also offers noise reduction and dampens sounds. Gyms are typically cavernous places where sound bounces wildly off of the walls. Rubber flooring absorbs some of that sound and muffles the ambient noise in the space.

Choosing the type of flooring for your gymnasium or fitness center can be a breeze when you partner with a commercial flooring provider who is versed in the industry. Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts is experienced working in a gymnasium and fitness center environment. To read more about the best flooring for high traffic areas, click hereTo learn more about our specialties in gym flooring, click below! 

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