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Redoing Your Commercial Building Flooring: When Is the Right Time and Why

REDOING THE FLOORS OF YOUR COMMERCIAL BUILDING: WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME AND WHYThere are various reasons why a business owner should consider redoing the flooring of their commercial building every so often. Now, you might think it is a waste of time and money to redo your flooring at this time. However, if your flooring starts to become characterized by one of the following topics, you may want to reevaluate your decision.

Water Means Mold

Water damage is not something that can go ignored. As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety and well being of your consumers, investors, employees, etc. Whether you see it or not ― where there is water damage, there is mold. Mold can have dire effects on someone’s health and can ultimately become an expensive problem to rectify.

Allergy Coincidence?

You start to notice that everyone in your workplace, yourself included, has really bad allergies. Before you waste more money on a surplus of tissue boxes, assess whether your carpeting is the source of the problem. Older carpets are highly susceptible to retaining allergens and particulate matter over time, where they will remain dormant.

“It Doesn’t Smell That Bad”

Yes it does. If you’ve noticed an odor lingering around the workplace and it’s coming from the carpet or floor, spray all the air freshener you want. It’s not going away. That smell has most likely seeped into your flooring and sealed itself in. Masking the smell is always an option, but as a valued business, you don’t want your brand defined by that “not so bad” smell.


Especially in high traffic areas, stains are bound to happen. For the ones that cannot be removed, sure you can cover a few up with furniture, but you can’t do that with all of them. Stains are extremely unappealing to the eye. A clean carpet is ideal for the representation of your business.

Wear and Tear Effect

Similar to stains, wear and tear is bound to occur in high traffic areas. Rips, shreds, scuffs and scratches aren’t visually pleasing. The wear and tear effect can create that uninviting “run-down” look.

You’re Either With it or Without it

Image is everything in business! The ambiance of your workplace showcases your company’s brand and level of expertise within your industry. If your flooring looks like something that rolled out of the 90’s, one may assume that your business is not up-to-date with the latest “trends.” Ensure that the atmosphere of your workplace reflects your ability to innovate and keep up with today’s society.

If you haven’t found anything in common between the aforementioned list and your current commercial flooring situation, congratulations! This means one of two things ― you’ve renewed your flooring in recent times in full awareness that flooring is not meant to last forever OR you’ve done an exceptional job of preserving your flooring by taking good care of it over the years.

For tips on how to better maintain your flooring, refer to our previous blog: How to Take Proper Care of Your Commercial Flooring.

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