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Industry Specific Flooring and Your New Year Needs

The new year is finally here and most businesses are looking to optimize their facilities in every way, shape and form to kick off 2017 the right way! Whether it be a change in staffing, operations, branding, design, layout or mission, kicking off the new year the right way requires you to have your ducks in a row – and by having your ducks in a row, I mean take the time to assess what your company needs, what your company doesn’t need, and what your company has.

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Commercial Flooring Trends of 2016-2017

As the 2016 year comes to an end, it’s time to project for the new year. For those who are actively seeking new commercial flooring, you may be wondering what is hot on the market right now. To help you assess what’s in and what’s out before new trends start to take place, the following list provides a review of the unwavering top commercial flooring trends throughout the year of 2016:

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Commercial Flooring Green Solutions for the New Year

Another year has come and gone, and your organization is readily preparing for the new year. Many organizations are deciding on what their new year’s resolution will be, whether it’s increasing marketing efforts or hiring new staff to execute new plans and projects. A common new year’s resolution, and perhaps one of the most important differences businesses can make starting a new year, is the goal of going green. Going green should be a top priority for all businesses for several reasons:

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The Psychology of Colors and Your Commercial Flooring

Thinking about redoing your flooring? What did you have in mind? While you may be focusing on the more important aspects associated with making a flooring decision, such as texture, resilience, sustainability, etc., have you ever considered the importance of your color choice?

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Assessing Your Needs Before Your New Commercial Flooring is Installed

As 2016 begins to wrap up, you may be considering a change in your commercial flooring for the new year. Whether the change is needed to fix an issue or simply to enhance the atmosphere of your facility, it is imperative that you assess your needs before the installation process takes place. What are your Needs? Define your needs by asking yourself the following questions:

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The Winter Months and Your Commercial Flooring: How to Prepare and Plan

Maintaining the commercial flooring within your facility is always a necessity year-round. However, as the winter months begin to approach, it is imperative that you have an extensive maintenance program in place and have prepared accordingly for what the boots will be dragging in:

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Why the Fall Season is the Perfect Time to Install New Commercial Flooring

Fall is finally here after a beautiful, yet hot summer and the weather is slowly transitioning from warm and wet air to cold and dry. As we have landed in the 4th quarter of the 2016 year, you might be debating on whether to install new flooring into your commercial building for a variety of purposes. With that being said, the fall season is perhaps the best time to install new commercial flooring for multiple reasons:

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Assessing Your Flooring Budget

If you have recently been toiling around with the idea of replacing your commercial flooring, it is extremely imperative that you budget for the job correctly.  With proper assessment of your flooring replacement and the costs associated, your flooring installation can be a rather time and cost efficient project if estimated correctly. To help you determine how much the job will potentially cost, adhere to the following questions:

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Resilient Flooring vs. Non-Resilient Flooring

When trying to choose which flooring you want installed for your business, making a decision can be both an overwhelming and tedious process. In the world of commercial flooring, there is a vast assortment of options available that are made to accommodate to any given company’s unique set of needs and budget. In making the right decision, one of the most important questions a business owner should ask themselves is: “Do I need resilient flooring or not?”.

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Redoing Your Commercial Building Flooring: When Is the Right Time and Why

There are various reasons why a business owner should consider redoing the flooring of their commercial building every so often. Now, you might think it is a waste of time and money to redo your flooring at this time. However, if your flooring starts to become characterized by one of the following topics, you may want to reevaluate your decision.

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