Completely Floored!

new underlayment choice

As Commercial Flooring and Interior Concepts began a commercial flooring project in an assisted living facility in the Princeton NJ area we found that the building was built with a wooden sub-flooring. The existing flooring was carpeting and we were  to install a resilient plank and tile flooring.

The existing sub-flooring is not in good enough shape to just go over it.

Choices for New Underlayment

One choice for an underlayment was luan plywood. Luan is a 1/4″ wood product. We have used it in the past. When I researched other choices, I found Florcore Extreme. This solid core product is engineered to provide a better product than luan. The product is impact and dent resistant. It has a nailing grid stenciled on the product to ensure complete coverage. It comes in a variety of sizes.

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