Completely Floored!

miscellaneous re-uses of carpet tile

  • Spacer – use a piece of carpet tile as a spacer between breakables in a moving box.
  • Glide – use an upside down carpet tile on a hard surface floor to allow you to move heavy objects.
  • Note Pad – you can scratch information onto the back of the carpet tile when you don’t have pen and paper available.
  • Funnel – Bend carpet tile into the shape of a funnel.
  • Greeting Card – use a sharpie and sign a going away card from your office employees.
  • Trash Can Protector – use inside a trash can to catch spills or use underneath can.
  • Handle – Cut and tape on a carpet tile strip to give you a better hold on rolling luggage.
  • Artist Tray – use carpet tile as an artist tray. Cut a hole in tile for your thumb, spread paint and go to town.
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