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Industry Specific Flooring and Your New Year Needs


The new year is finally here and most businesses are looking to optimize their facilities in every way, shape and form to kick off 2017 the right way! Whether it be a change in staffing, operations, branding, design, layout or mission, kicking off the new year the right way requires you to have your ducks in a row – and by having your ducks in a row, I mean take the time to assess what your company needs, what your company doesn’t need, and what your company has.

When it comes to your commercial flooring, you may need to renew your flooring for a variety of reasons. If you’re not sure how to evaluate whether you need new flooring or not from a general perspective, refer to our blog, Redoing Your Commercial Building Flooring: When is the Right Time and Why for more information. In terms of what commercial flooring your company currently has, the following analysis of industry specific flooring trends may help you assess whether you have your ducks in a row when it comes to your current commercial flooring:

Hospitality Industry

For the four sectors of the hospitality industry (food and beverage, lodging, recreation, travel and tourism), here is what’s new: While in the past, the hospitality industry has relied on carpeting due to its lower pricing, comforting homey feeling, and reducing noise abilities, over the past couple years, many facilities within the industry have been switching from carpet to luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Why?

While carpeting is the cheaper of the two and has a lifespan of around six years, the focus has been shifted to the more expensive alternative. LVT can last anywhere from 12–20 years, and decision makers within the hospitability industry have been agreeing that the increased lifespan and decreased need for replacement makes up for the heftier price label on luxury vinyl tiles. 

Healthcare Industry

From hospitals to clinics, doctor’s offices and medical centers, flooring in the Healthcare Industry plays a major role in the patient’s experience and many aspects need to be taken into consideration. Is the floor comfortable, safe, infection resistance, visually appealing / portray a positive atmosphere? While most facilities within the healthcare industry are required to take these aspects into consideration, one size does not fit all. Today, the following represent the top flooring trends within the health care industry:

  • Eco Flooring
  • Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl
  • Linoleum Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Gym/Fitness Industry

Simplified-care, durable, resilient flooring is the Gym/Fitness Industry’s ideal flooring, and when it comes to changes in trends, these components remain top priority. So, what flooring options exist that are characterized by these main components?

  • Rubber
  • Linoleum
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles(LVT)
  • Commercial Carpet Tile

“Suit and Tie” Industry

Creating an optimal working environment is the key to success for the “suit and tie” men and women of all industries. We’re talking floors that scream innovation, creativity, knowledge and strategy, ─ all while delivering the durability to withstand high traffic, chairs, desks, conference tables and others that are involved in office spaces. Trending in the office arena, is the flooring that maintains visual attractiveness over time without costly-time intensive maintenance:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Eco Flooring
  • Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl

Whether your business falls into the above mentioned industry categories or not, it’s important to always be aware of how, what, where, and why people are doing things in the business world. Businesses who strive not only to meet the standards within their industry, but to exceed those standards become the most noticed and the most successful. 2017 is your year to make the difference. Start with your commercial flooring and work your way up!

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