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Incorporating Modern Hotel Flooring Concepts: Biophilic Design

Incorporating Modern Hotel Flooring Concepts: Biophilic Design Suspend your disbelief for a moment. Imagine that hotel flooring is capable of amazing things. Beyond the mundane tasks of being walked upon and supporting people as they stand, flooring is capable of so much more. Modern flooring concepts can transport guests to far off places. It can be opulent and extravagant, making guests feel well-off beyond their wildest dreams. Flooring can impart a sense of calm or calamity.

What if flooring was capable of even more amazing feats? What if flooring could make us feel like we are one with nature? When flooring is integrated with an entirely natural décor, achieving the outdoors inside has amazing effects. Humans have an innate need to be part of the natural world. Nature has numerous positive effects on both human physiology and psychology. Viewing and being part of nature enhances healing while soothing the soul. Natural light promotes better learning and improves mood.

Harvard Biologist E.O. Wilson coined the phrase “Biophilia” which explains the human need to connect with nature. Connecting to nature affects our health, productivity and relationships with others. This concept can be applied to interior concepts and flooring design. The term “Biophilic Design” comes from the sustainability movement where nature and structure are partnered. Sustainability is man’s impact on nature, but Biophilia is nature’s effect on man.

Science has proven the positive impact nature has on humans. Incorporating Biophilic Design into a hotel setting creates a positive reaction and helps man to realize he is one with nature. When people are asked to go to their happy place, the majority will report being in an outdoor setting such as a beach or a forest. Thoughts of nature bring a feeling of calm and serenity to an otherwise hectic environment.

Flooring materials that replicate colors and textures found in nature is one way to create this effect. Another way to achieve this sensation is to create graduated transitions that are commonly found in nature, such as water to surf to sand. Using different flooring textures such as blue-green polished concrete representing water then transitioning to beige carpeting gives the feeling of being at the beach. Accenting the perimeter of the floor with simulated stone will lend an even more authentic feel. This is just one example of the creative use of flooring to produce the desired effect.

Major high-end hotel chains are embracing Biophilic Design by using natural materials such as stone floors and natural wood that reflect the geography where they are located. They seek to continue inside what is naturally found outside. The inspiration for concept design is right outside the front door. Let nature be your guide!

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