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How to Take Proper Care of Your Commercial Flooring

HOW TO TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR COMMERCIAL FLOORINGFlooring is typically a major investment for most businesses. When it becomes damaged or destroyed, it’s costly and time consuming to fix the problem. There are additional factors that also impact your business:

  • Health and safety of employees, customers, contributors etc.(e.g. mold, allergens, bacteria)
  • Portrayal of your business to visitors (e.g. cleanliness, ambiance, quality)
  • Regulations and laws (e.g. health department concerns)

That is why floor care maintenance should be a top priority for all businesses. If you want to save yourself time and money, it is crucial that you adhere to a routine-based floor cleaning schedule in order to preserve your flooring optimally and extend the longevity of its life.


If your workplace is one of high traffic, vacuum your carpet at least three times a week. If your commercial building is a facility where food and drinks are often spilled, such as a restaurant, it is imperative that your carpets are vacuumed at least once a day! In contrast, if you are a smaller business and experience moderate traffic, vacuuming at least once a week should suffice.

Stain Prevention

HOW TO TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOUR COMMERCIAL FLOORINGPurchasing walkway, entrance, and other throw rugs/mats is a good way to minimize the risk of staining. If throw rugs get spilled on or become wet, make sure that you move them somewhere to dry in order to avoid water damage and risk of mold.

Evaluate your flooring at the end of each work day. Spotting stains as close to the time that they occur is the best way to avoid permanency. For the coffee drinkers, try to enforce a sealed mug policy when in the office. The same level of caution should be enforced with other beverages and food.


All floors need a good wash! Get into the habit of having your floors mopped routinely with a quality floor cleaner. Removing as much dirt from your floors will prevent bacterial growth and health hazards. Avoid using an excessive amount of water when mopping, as too much water could cause water damage. With the right product and amount of water, mopping your floors regularly can give your floors a glowing shiny look on a daily basis! For carpeting, shampooing your carpets once a month is an ideal way to get rid of stains, odors, and allergens.


Take the same pro-active approach with sweeping your flooring as mentioned with vacuuming carpets. Sweeping and dusting your floors should be done as frequently as needed, depending on the amount and type of traffic you have within your workplace.


Within a workplace, furniture is commonly moved around creating scratches and scuffs on the floor.To avoid scratching and scuffing, purchase floor protective pads. These pads should be placed under every leg of every table, chair, desk, couch, filing cabinet etc. If something heavy needs to be moved, make sure you put a blanket or towel under the piece of furniture to avoid severely damaging your floor.


A good way to prevent any staining or damage to your carpeting is by purchasing a safeguard protection product. Safeguards are spray products that get deposited onto your carpets to repel spills, resist soils, and block stains. Safeguards also make it easier for you to clean up spills, typically using a small amount of water.

Strip and Wax

Flooring should be stripped and re-waxed every two years, getting rid of all dirt, bacteria and debris left behind. When floors are stripped and waxed, all items in that room should be raised or removed from the floor to avoid damage. If no deep, internal damage is done to your flooring, your floors should look brand new after a fresh waxing coat is applied.

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