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Hotel Design: Today’s Popular Hospitality Flooring Trends

Hotel Flooring Designs

Consider the road warrior—the weary business traveler. We all know someone like that. These are the people who travel great distances for work and to work, days on end. Road warriors need a place to stay and more hotels are competing for this business. How does the road warrior choose where to stay for the evening? Sometimes small things matter when making this choice; this is where hotels have become competitive. Hotels seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by making by attending to these small details.

The hotel floor is often referred to as the fifth wall. The floor is an area that is sometimes overlooked, but one that needs as much attention as the four walls of the room. Flooring can make a contribution to the guest’s experience and is a vital part of the battle for competitive advantage. Some design aspects can create a negative impression with visitors, such as a worn out carpet. In regards to hospitality flooring, carpets can be difficult to maintain and are often budget busters when they need to be replaced. Consequently, many hotels are opting not to use carpeting in their rooms.

Hotels that no longer use carpet are looking for alternatives that promote affordable safety. The flooring material needs to be long lasting and not require frequent replacement. It needs to be stain-resistant and nonporous. This is especially important when pets are involved. Finally, it has to be easy to clean requiring affordable cleaning agents. Hotel managers dream of the non-slip floor that only needs to be vacuumed and mopped before the next visitor shows up at check-in time.

Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Today’s popular choices for hotel flooring are laminate and vinyl flooring. They are practical and aesthetically pleasing. Easy to clean, these floors very durable and stain-resistant. A wide variety of colors and designs are available. They are often inexpensive ways to simulate the appearance of more expensive floorings. Your hotel can have the look of wood or marble flooring for only a fraction of the cost.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring has also become another popular choice. It is hygienic, waterproof and easy to clean. This flooring is durable and stain resistant. Rubber flooring is the not the most aesthetically pleasing choice for hotels but is reasonably priced and usually lasts longer than other types of flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile offers durability and is aesthetically pleasing. Cleaning ceramic tile is easy. Tiles can be easily replaced if one is damaged. This flooring is one of the most expensive but often has longest life. A wide range of colors and designs are available so ceramic tiles are easy to work with when doing room design. One complaint about this type of flooring is the “coldness” of the floor and its inability to muffle noise, but is cost-effective for many hospitality establishments.

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