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Flooring Tips: How to Recycle Hardwood and Carpet

how to recycle hardwood floors and carpeting

The most commonly recycled items are paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic… but what about hardwood flooring and carpeting? When it comes to flooring, recycling is important and cost-effective. While recycling has “feel-good” benefits such as having a positive effect on the environment, it also impacts your bottom-line. Recycling conserves raw materials and precious natural resources.

There are many ways to recycle these two items including repurposing, reusing and renewing. Old surfaces can find new life and new uses in the right hands.

Hardwood Recycling 

One way to recycle old hardwood flooring is to make simple wooden decorative accent pieces or shelves. For example, old flooring can be used to re-clad cabinets and walls (depending on your skill level). Furniture can also be made from these recycled materials, but this also requires a deal of talent and time. Before starting an ambitious projects make sure you know how to skillfully work with wood and have a vision for the project, including the final result and a realistic project plan.

A third way to recycle hardwood flooring is by using websites such as Their mission is to reduce waste, save precious resources and ease the burden on landfills. This service provides a venue for people to swap and share older but useful items. Your old hardwood floors can find a home with new owners.

Carpet Recycling 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to carpeting. Remnants can be used as insulation around pipes and in attics, which can help you save on energy costs. Squares of old carpet can be used as a knee cushion when working in the garden or when working under the car. Cover new car mats with old carpeting to prevent premature wear and tear, especially if small children ride in the car. The smallest bits of old carpet can be used to cushion the legs and corners of heavy furniture, preventing indentations in the new carpet.

And if you have pets, your furry friends would love to have “new” carpeting in their cat beds and doghouses. Pieces can also be used to make your cat a scratching post rather than allowing expensive furniture damaged. features the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and recycles rugs that would have been thrown away in the past. This group unites a national network of recyclers turning old carpet back into raw materials for new products. Carpet recycling facilities are growing in number as the movement gains momentum. Millions of pounds of carpet will never see a landfill as a result of this program.  

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