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Five Commercial Flooring Trends for 2016

Five Commercial Flooring Trends for 2016

Each New Year ushers in a list of what’s hot and what’s not for all industries… and commercial flooring is no different. So what is hot for 2016 in the commercial flooring world? 

  • Luxury Vinyl is no longer the dingy vinyl flooring of the past. Technology has given this super surface an entirely new look and feel. Vinyl is able to take on different appearances, mimicking hardwood and marble at a fraction of the cost. This is great for commercial use and can be used in a variety of different settings. Vinyl it is softer under the foot, easier to walk on, and resists spills better than hardwood. Luxury vinyl is also thinner than hardwood and stone, which makes it easier to match to other surfaces.
  • Terrazzo is finding new life in corporate and commercial settings. This surface is low maintenance and now incorporates the use of recycled materials. It is great for lobbies, public areas in corporate settings, sporting complexes, and healthcare facilities. Its smooth surface and transition strip options allow for ease of use when navigating with any wheeled device such as wheelchairs or wheeled vehicles. This flooring option is a great value because of its long life span. 
  • High quality as opposed to less expensive flooring is becoming more popular. Business owners are not only considering the initial cost of flooring, but are now considering the total cost over the lifetime of the floor. Less expensive flooring that is subject to punishment and traffic will have higher costs for maintenance and repair. Higher quality flooring options negate the need for costly repairs over the lifetime of the floor. 
  • Imperfections are hot this year. Natural flaws and the character of the wood grain is being celebrated and no longer hidden or discarded. Raw rustic appearances are also available in luxury vinyl and other surfaces that have morphing ability. Bring the beauty of the natural world indoors but do not change the perfection of imperfection.
  • Eco-friendly flooring is gaining popularity for commercial use. Businesses are increasingly becoming very concerned with their environmental impact on the earth. They want to be seen as good citizens investing in the environment as well as in their industry. Eco-friendly flooring comes in a variety of different options from wood to wool, bamboo, and cork, to rubber and concrete. The style options are endless, as all of these surfaces are highly versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any décor. This is becoming a big topic in the industry, so we’ll be exploring this more in our next entry – stay tuned!

Regardless of what is trending in the commercial flooring industry, the right choice must be made for your business. Discuss these options with a professional to decide with one is right for your business. The right choice will help to achieve your corporate goals while looking good and lasting for years to come.

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