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Eco-friendly Design Trends

ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN TRENDSAs eco-friendly flooring has become increasingly popular for commercial use in 2016, businesses strive not only to be seen as contributors to the environment, but also as top trendsetters. Eco-friendly commercial flooring comes in a variety of different options from bamboo, wood to wool, and cork, to rubber and concrete. All of these surfaces are highly versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any décor, making style options endless! The top trending eco-friendly flooring designs are:

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo grows fast and in abundance, making it extremely sustainable and naturally resistant to water, mildew and insects. Accommodating to your décor preferences, bamboo flooring comes in an array of styles and colors

  • Strand Woven: has a soft, glossy finish ― great for contemporary design.
  • Vertical Bamboo Cane: creates a consistent pattern and coloring ― perfect for modern décor.
  • Horizontal Bamboo Cane: no two pieces are exactly alike, creating character ― ideal for a rustic décor.

Bamboo Flooring is available in a variety of stains, including honey, wheat, chestnut, brindle, caramelized, natural and many more! Bamboo Flooring delivers a subtle, yet elegant look that will always remain in style!

Concrete Flooring

Concrete serves as a both a finished floor and a conservation of resources. It provides a low maintenance sustainable alternative that lasts a lifetime in comparison to carpeting and other flooring coverings that eventually have to be replaced. Concrete flooring also provides design versatility as decorative techniques can easily be applied to concrete, such as coloring, staining, stamping, stenciling and polishing ― creating a custom design that is sophisticated and unique!

Cork Flooring

Most people are unaware that cork is harvested from the bark of living oak trees found in the Mediterranean. The trees remain standing and replenish their bark in only three years, making Cork Flooring extremely sustainable. Cork has become a top trending design and eco-friendly alternative, as it can be finished in a variety of stains and paints and can even be tiled to suit all preferred design styles and color schemes.

Wood Flooring

As many consumers have their hearts set on the traditional hardwood floor look, eco-friendly wood flooring is increasingly becoming a top trend. Ranging from milled structural beams and timbers, salvaged groove planks, and wood offered from sustainably harvested forests, hardwood is now reclaimed and sustainable. Available in all the traditional oak, hickory, cherry and walnut choices, eco-friendly is no longer at the expense of chic and is complimentary to all sorts of unique designs and decors.

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