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Create the Pace by Designing for Productivity

create the pace by designing for productivityWorkplace productivity is an assessment of a worker’s ability to complete tasks or produce finished product. Quantifiable measures are typically used when measuring productivity. A common example of measuring output is how much each employee can produce in a given time period relative to the average of other employees doing similar work.

The concept of productivity has recently evolved. Modern views of productivity are defined by the creation of ideas and ability to problem solve rather than the production of goods. As a result, different workplace designs are necessary to promote the new ideals of the modern workplace.

Office design is one factor impacting productivity. Modern office designs are rapidly moving away from traditional workplace configurations where cubicles created a sense of social isolation to open floor plans that encourage collaboration and teamwork. These new “open designs” are punctuated by small areas to gather for impromptu meetings with the goal to foster creativity. Each design option has its own advantages and disadvantages. The individual circumstances of your company will dictate which configuration, or a combination of configurations is best.


Even the most frenetic and fast paced employee needs a quiet place to work and think. Noise causes employees to become unfocused. Areas that are full of interruptions create distractions causing a decrease in productivity. A mix of open areas which foster collaboration need to be intermingled with quiet areas allowing for uninterrupted periods of work time.

Rise and shine

Architectural design incorporating natural light promotes health and wellbeing and ultimately increases productivity. Natural light affects mood and moral.

Privacy please!

Open workspace design is great for promoting teamwork and unplanned interactions but there is value to having privacy for conversations and handling other delicate business matters. Sometimes productivity is hampered by the open space design because conversations are cut short and never fully fleshed out. Even worse, ideas may not be brought forward in an open environment for fear of embarrassment. Employees need some degree of privacy to be productive and feel secure.

Remote control!

Productivity is increased when employees are given the ability to control their own environment. Variables such as lighting, temperature and workspace size and layout all affect output. When employees are comfortable and happy they are able to work longer with increased satisfaction.


Each color of the spectrum elicits a different human reaction. For example, blues are calming and reds are associated with urgency. Exposure to some colors can cause depression and withdrawal while others colors create feelings of happiness and contentment. Use color in the office setting to promote productivity.

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