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Commercial Wool Carpet

Wool fiber comes primarily from sheep that live in New Zealand – yes you heard that correct – New Zealand.

Why you might ask… The New Zealand wool has a bristly and coarse fiber which carpet people swear is the best fiber to make carpeting. I don’t think the sheep care whether you wear it or walk on it.

Anyway, wool fiber is expensive but has some advantages over other fibers. Wool has a great tensile strength. The fiber has a good springback quality to it. So when you walk on wool, the fiber bounces back. That is why your grandmother’s wool carpet remained in her den for 30 years. The fiber also has a natural ability to resist certain kinds of stains and soiling.

Wool fiber is normally piece dyed or yarn dyed is does accept color very well. These characteristics make wool an excellent fiber for the contract carpet market. If only those sheep were closer to home… 

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