Completely Floored!

How to Fix a Commercial Sub-Floor Catastrophe

I’ve encountered many unique challenges during my 34 years in the industry, but the one that is the most memorable involved the sale and installation of a large static dissipative, resilient tile system for a major New York City based financial new corporation.

The challenge wasn’t necessarily the installation of this highly sensitive, high tech type of floor covering per se, but rather the horrendous condition of the sub-floor that I had to address before the installation. To say that it looked like World War II had been fought on it was an understatement. It had railroad rails through part of it along with numerous pot holes, cracks, grease, dirt, debris etc. It was horrible!

I recall telling the client that a successful installation of this product requires nothing less than a perfectly smooth sub-floor and that they should consider another area of the building with better conditions. Their response was “not an option, make it work”.

Well, it was homework time. I remember a lot of hours of research and consultation with various concrete experts in order to execute a reliable solution. New words entered my vocabulary; scarification, shot blasting, and Ardex Patch and Self Leveling Compound to name a few. All this and a lot of sweat and prayers and Voila!! We were ready to install.

In the end, I’m happy to say that we not only satisfied the strict electrical guidelines established by Forbo, the manufacturer, but the customer as well.

The moral of the story; you actually can make chicken salad from chicken

- Tom Eddy

Topics: Sub Flooring