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Carpet Tile Design Tips to Maximize your Commercial Floor

Carpet Tile Design Tips to Maximize your Commercial Floor

When it comes to commercial flooring, gone are the days of slate gray colored carpet tiles neatly arranged without any deviation or imagination! Now you can find countless Internet images of innovative uses for carpet tile in the commercial setting. The pictures are all exciting, interesting and visually appealing. Some are even stunning. Carpet tile design trends are now wild with color, texture and patterns.

Visually Appealing Designs

Whether you have a commercial flooring or interior design project just around the bend, or if you’re strategically budgeting projects for 2017, keep the following in mind:

  • One quarter and one-half turn installation looks like parquet flooring, herringbone and other traditional designs. Stripes can run both horizontally and vertically to create dramatic effects.
  • Touch and texture is a popular design trend in carpet tile this year. The blend of different yarns also creates visual appeal and textural interest on the floor. 
  • Jigsaw designs allow customers to create their own flooring designs using a variety of components. Mixing and matching six brightly colored geometric shapes along with endings and connectors gives the design variations infinite possibilities.
  • Start with neutral colors and then insert accent tiles to add variety – it will create a simply, yet visually fascinating design pattern.
  • Tiles are taking cues from nature and art. Some designs are also replicating the effects of weathering over time on different surfaces.
  • Carpet tile squares are no longer square. Octagonal, hexagonal and skinny rectangular tiles measuring 9” by 36” allow for extraordinary design options.
  • Custom carpet tiles can be inlaid with a variety of colors to provide direction, highlight your company logo or provide customers with helpful information. Introduce new carpet color schemes and patterns to reflect your corporate branding and identity. 
  • Carpet tiles can be used to define distinct and different areas in conference rooms and showrooms. With a few bright colors used as accents you can turn a plain office into an inviting meeting space. 
  • Consistently random patterns create personality in every setting of your commercial space.
  • Stark contrasts of black and white tiles with neon splashes thrown into the mix gives your office extra color. 
  • Covering the walls with carpet tile continuing the flooring pattern adds depth to the room and is an innovative use of carpet tile.

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