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Carpet Maintenance: How to Clean Carpet Tile

CARPET MAINTENANCE: HOW TO CLEAN CARPET TILECommercial carpet tile has many benefits. It’s durable, economical, high quality, and always ready to accommodate heavy traffic. Carpet tiles cover the floors of many airports, hospitals, office buildings, and restaurants, and it has quickly become a valued favorite in the commercial market over the past several years.

Another key advantage of using carpet tile is its easiness to maintain and clean. Proper maintenance and cleaning helps the carpet look great and prolongs its lifespan.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular vacuuming is very important to the life of commercial carpet tiles. Remember, a quick once over is almost useless. Take long slow steady passes over the carpet to pick up loose particles and debris. Leaving them behind causes damage to the fibers and shortens the life of the tiles. High-traffic areas need to be vacuumed every day, moderate traffic areas should be vacuumed two to three times a week, and perimeter and edges should be addressed weekly.

React quickly when a spill occurs. Gently blot any surface liquid immediately. Do not allow a spill to become a stain. Here are some additional tips to help preserve the life of the tiles, decreasing the need for premature replacement: 

  • Remove ink with water followed by a solvent spot remover.
  • Remove coffee with a warm mild detergent solution first, then use a solvent spot remover.
  • Use a cloth or sponge to apply solvents or solutions.
  • Treat spots working from the outside towards the middle.
  • Rinse the spot after using a water-based solvent.
  • Remember, the tile can always be lifted out of place rinsed off and returned.
  • Use protective mats by entrances to absorb excess liquid and dirt.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

One method is to prespray the carpet and then use dry carpet crystals or powder on to the carpet tiles with a rotary machine and a brush plate attachment. Then, remove the dirt with a commercial vacuum. Pile lifting of the carpet in this manner allows for the deep seated dirt to be removed from the brushes in the machine.

Carpets that have excessive amounts of dirt or stains benefit from

Hot water extraction is another cleaning method. It removes ground-in dirt that builds up over time. Never saturate the tiles to avoid seepage. If water gets underneath the tiles, it must be dried to avoid mold and mildew growth. Professional cleaning is recommended as opposed to a do-it-yourself approach, regardless of the size of your commercial entity.

Proceed with Caution

Before starting, a word of caution…

  • Do a spot test when using a solvent to make sure the tiles will not get damaged or discolored.
  • Do not drench the tiles with cleaner or solvents. More is not better. 

Keeping carpet tile clean in a commercial setting prolongs the life of the carpet and saves money. It also contributes to the overall appearance of the physical plant leaving visitors and employees with a good impression. Proper cleaning also reduces the risk of mold growth and decreases the spread of germs.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Having a scheduled maintenance or cleaning program is the most effective way to maintain your flooring. Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts evaluates high traffic areas and can address all of your flooring needs. For more information, call 732-542-0022, e-mail, or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below.

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