Completely Floored!

Assessing Your Flooring Budget

If you have recently been toiling around with the idea of replacing your commercial flooring, it is extremely imperative that you budget for the job correctly.  With proper assessment of your flooring replacement and the costs associated, your flooring installation can be a rather time and cost efficient project if estimated correctly. To help you determine how much the job will potentially cost, adhere to the following questions:

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Resilient Flooring vs. Non-Resilient Flooring

When trying to choose which flooring you want installed for your business, making a decision can be both an overwhelming and tedious process. In the world of commercial flooring, there is a vast assortment of options available that are made to accommodate to any given company’s unique set of needs and budget. In making the right decision, one of the most important questions a business owner should ask themselves is: “Do I need resilient flooring or not?”.

Topics: Specialty Flooring