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Cleaning Needs for Facilities Managers in the 21st Century

It used to be that when a management company purchased a new commercial office building, one of the first priorities to tackle was to entail a plan for building cleaning and maintenance. While it may sound easy, it's a task for even the most experienced facility manager. It's even more difficult now, as buildings continue to undergo changes in the way they are utilized, designed, maintained and operated. It's no secret that workers are thinking differently about the workplace; that shift is causing a design and building use revolution.

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Facility Managers: Now is the Time to Start Planning for Winter Maintenance

The turn of the spring season means that we can finally thaw out from the winter and enjoy the outdoors, but it also means that facility managers must start planning for the next winter to hit. A new timeline released by the Snow & Ice Management Association suggests that facility managers should start their winter maintenance planning now to ensure securing a contract with a reliable snow management professional. Check out their new timeline here

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Customize Your Workspace with this New Desking Option

Your employees have different preferences when it comes to their working habits, and it has never been more important to allow them to embrace their different personalities in the workspace to allow for maximized productivity. This unique office structural system allows integration of desks, tables, cabinets and shelves, allowing employees to feel empowered in the workplace by independently managing their preferences for visual privacy, movement, orientation and storage.

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Spring Cleaning for Commercial Flooring


Spring is upon us and that can only mean one thing other than baseball: spring cleaning. Commercial floors are punished all winter long by salt, harsh ice melting chemicals, and dirt. Floors look tired and worn by the time spring arrives and could benefit from a spring cleaning. This cleaning goes beyond the normal everyday vacuuming and mopping to provide a deep clean to make floors look like new.  

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