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Three “Timeless” Flooring Designs

When it comes to TV shows and movies, there is a difference between “trends” and “timeless classics.” Vampire movies were a trend (thankfully), while The Godfather and Airplane! are classics. Well…flooring is no different!

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How Workplace Temperature Affects Productivity

Climate conflicts in the workplace can cause tension between co-workers, but also have a negative effect on an individual's productivity. A 2006 study concludes that temperature should be set between 69.8 degrees and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal productivity in the workplace. Another study found that workers who were particularly cold in the workplace struggled on the job, making more mistakes, in turn, leading to a potential 10 percent spike in hourly labor costs.

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What Facility Managers Need to Know About Flu Prevention

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that those who have the influenza (flu) virus can spread it from up to six feet away. Between December 26th, 2015 and January 5th, 2016, they reported that influenza activity increased slightly around the country.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Psychology of the Office Space

The typical layout and design of the workplace has evolved significantly throughout the last century. Trends emerged as early as the 1920's when offices were designed to have an open floor plan with employee desks facing supervisors, later transitioning to the cubical environment that many Americans still work in on a daily basis. Collaborative workspaces were then introduced during the late '90s and millenium years, offering more flexibility to employees in choosing how they'd like to get their work done. Increased mobility, in turn, increases motivation, which is critical for office productivity.

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Flooring Tips: How to Recycle Hardwood and Carpet

The most commonly recycled items are paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic… but what about hardwood flooring and carpeting? When it comes to flooring, recycling is important and cost-effective. While recycling has “feel-good” benefits such as having a positive effect on the environment, it also impacts your bottom-line. Recycling conserves raw materials and precious natural resources.

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