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Create the Pace by Designing for Productivity

Workplace productivity is an assessment of a worker’s ability to complete tasks or produce finished product. Quantifiable measures are typically used when measuring productivity. A common example of measuring output is how much each employee can produce in a given time period relative to the average of other employees doing similar work.

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Workplace Design: Acoustics Matter

Office layout, walls, ceilings, flooring materials and office protocols can all make a difference in the acoustics.  

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Take These 5 Steps to Enhance Energy Management

Managing facility energy expenses is becoming more and more complex as so many different technologies are available to us and thousands of different rate structures are available as well. There are a few steps that facility managers can take to better manage their energy expenses and ensure company success. Read about them here

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How your Workplace Design Impacts Corporate Culture

In the 1950’s, Jonas Salk, the world famous biologist and inventor of the polio vaccine, traveled to Assisi, Italy to clear his head after working in the dank recesses of his Pittsburgh laboratory. During the trip, he found new insights and inspiration amongst the columns and cloistered courtyards of the monastery. The dramatic change in environment made him strongly believe in the power of architecture and design and how they affect behavior and encourage creativity.

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