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Why Choose Sustainable Commercial Flooring Options?

Sustainability means living within the means of the natural systems, without causing harm to others or jeopardizing future needs. It has also come to mean reducing environmental impact and cultivating renewable resources. The earth can no longer provide the abundance of non-renewable resources to meet the ever-growing needs of mankind.       

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Color Theory: Choosing Colors in the Workplace Part 2

What if going to work seemed effortless and comforting, but you could never exactly figure out why. All you know is how you feel great when you enter certain rooms at work. For instance, the break room looks ordinary: a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a few tables. Somehow you find it peaceful and calming. Going from department to department, your mood is elevated while taking an otherwise mundane walk. In both cases there is a certain something that just makes you feel different. What could that unknown be? COLOR!

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