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Common Issues with Fitness Center Flooring

The modern fitness center needs to meet many demands these days. Often fitness supercenters offer a variety of options without specializing in any one area. These spaces must accommodate yoga, in the morning, aerobics in the afternoon and perhaps kickboxing at night. The weight lifting area must be able to withstand the abuse from equipment while offering protection and comfort to its users. Many centers offer an elevated running track and half-court for basketball. With so many and varied demands there are bound to be some issues.

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What to Avoid When Cleaning Gymnasium and Fitness Center Flooring

People either love cleaning or they hate it. There is simply no in-between. Unfortunately for those in the latter group, cleanliness is not optional when running a commercial gym. No one wants to lie on a dirty floor to do stomach crunches or be face-down on top of smelly dried sweat while they are trying to maintain the plank position for thirty seconds. Cleaning is not just a matter of aesthetics; it is a mandatory part of doing business.

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