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Hotel Design: Today’s Popular Hospitality Flooring Trends

Consider the road warrior—the weary business traveler. We all know someone like that. These are the people who travel great distances for work and to work, days on end. Road warriors need a place to stay and more hotels are competing for this business. How does the road warrior choose where to stay for the evening? Sometimes small things matter when making this choice; this is where hotels have become competitive. Hotels seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by making by attending to these small details.

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Choosing Color Themes for Hotel Interior Design

Color therapy or “chromotherapy” is one of the newest forms of alternative medicine. Supporters make some very bold statements about the effect of color on the human body, such as the notion that the color purple may help your sleep and even cure addictive behaviors. There is no doubt that color has an effect on us as it affects our mood and emotions. Colors impact our perception of well-being or uneasiness. They can make a room seem bigger when painted with light colors and diminish room size with darker hues. Colors carry symbolic meanings that we recognize subconsciously. In short, commercial properties need to take into account the importance of color on its customers and staff.

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