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How Does Hospital Flooring Promote Patient Well-Being?

Ask any nurse or healthcare employee if they wear their work shoes into their homes. They will almost always answer with a resounding NO! Hospital floors can contain germs regardless of how much they are cleaned and sanitized. Your shoes are one mode of transmission to spread these germs to other flooring surfaces.

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Hospital Flooring: Top Flooring Choices for 2015

Floors are sometimes an afterthought when hospitals are designed. However, in the hospital environment, floors are unsung heroes. Much is expected from this seemingly invisible aspect of the hospital that is often not given much consideration. Flooring plays a huge role in the daily life of the hospital; it is expected to be non-slip, look natural, be easy to clean and have a long lifespan. User fatigue should be prevented for staff as they work 12 hour shifts; it should stand up to heavy equipment and take constant around-the-clock punishment. Preventing the spread of hospital acquired infection by inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms is also a key expectation from flooring.  

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