Completely Floored!

Best Type of Flooring for Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers

Many of us have childhood recollections of a highly lacquered gymnasium floor brightly reflecting the light cast down from on high. Poised at the entryway with one foot in midair ready to step upon the inviting surface, a voice finds you from out of nowhere, saying, “STOP, no street shoes allowed in the gym!”. Recoiling back from committing this infraction; turning and walking away is the only option. Flooring has come a long way since those days; fitness and exercise has changed over the years, and as a result, flooring has had to adapt and evolve to meet those changing needs.  

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Best Flooring for High Traffic Areas: Hardwood, Concrete, Vinyl, Carpet

High traffic flooring has a huge set of demands to live up to, with the most important demand being durability. Whatever surface is chosen, it must be able to withstand the never ending foot traffic with minimal wear and tear. Commercial flooring is a big investment and hopefully that investment will have a long life while maintaining its appeal, functionality and wear-resistance.